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Knot and Gown Films focuses on unique cinematography captured with the best quality cameras.

We keep our operation small and mobile so we can better adapt to changing circumstances and capture what's important to each couple.

We travel and film wherever their story takes us. We have shot in as diverse places as Greece, Guatemala, St. Augustine, Los Angeles, Denver, Orcas Island, Puerto Rico, The Bahamas, and Hawaii.

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Santorini, Greece

Oahu, Hawaii


Orcas Island, Washington

Los Angeles, California

Why Knot and Gown Films

Extensive Experience

Chris Bennett started filming wedddings when he was 18 years old on Orcas Island, and has filmed 100+ weddings. Chris has continually developed his eye to capture stunning cinematography as a videographer and video editor for 15+ years.

He knows how to put people at ease and get the shots he needs to make a beautiful film of your wedding, so you can focus on getting married.

Top Quality Wherever You Need It

Chris has always focused on having exactly the gear he needs to make every wedding look amazing, and nothing more. This allows him to more easily travel to whatever locations are required to capture any wedding.

Star in Your Own Wedding Film

You've already written the script. All you need now is the cinematographer.

Every cinematogapher has a different style. Take a look at the films above to see if Chris Bennett's style of cinematography is what you want for capturing your wedding.

Your wedding film will last a lifetime.

Let Knot and Gown Films make the wedding film your wedding deserves.

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