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You know the saying "do anything for the shot?" These two were truly dedicated to helping us capture the best moments in epic locations. They held each other at the very edge of the cliffs of Oahu and we could tell by the way they looked at each other that it didn't matter as long as they had each other.

Joyce and Chris | Into the Cliffs of Oahu, HI (Short Film)
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Thank you Chris and Kayla for being our videographers and being part of the best memory in our wedding!

We are lucky to have Chris and Kayla as our videographers. Through the beginning of the planning communication, we feel that they are very friendly, humble, open-minded, easy going, listening, and professional, which we value alot.

We are absolutely amazed by the end product we received from them. It is a breathtaking Hollywood grade video that they put together on our story! It has captured the best moments happened in that 1.5 day. (One day from the wedding day, with additional half day going around the island for scenery shots).

Another important thing to mention is - we held our wedding in Cantonese the whole day. It’s definitely challenging for them to shoot for a whole day without understanding a word of Cantonese. However, they have no problem with the language barrier at all.
For the translation, they provided us all the vow and speech clips with timestamp, and we did a bit of translation on the vow & speech we selected. When their work came back, it surprised us to see how each phrase of our Cantonese vow/ speech fits in each unique video edit in the background perfectly, just like they also spoke the Cantonese language as well!

Other than the language translation, we also requested some revisions and requests, and they are always more than happy to make it happen for us.

Chris and Kayla have very great patience. They go beyond to give extra efforts in making the video perfect for us. We could feel that they truly care about our wedding video just like their own!
Choosing you as our videographers is one of the best decisions we have made.

We love the love story in our wedding video! 
Thank you again Chris and Kayla.


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